The Problem

Adjusting Out of The Military is No Easy Task 

There are thousands of resources available to veterans nationwide, they are extremely underutilized. 22 veterans take their own lives every day in the United States.  

The Cause

Military Conditioning 

In the military communication is very direct. The environment is high tempo, task-focused, and extremely structured. There tends to be a "do it for the team" mentality, and this makes it very difficult for many to reach out for help. To serve is priority number one.  

Loss of Purpose

Many in the military find their sense of purpose in serving something larger than themselves. When this sense of purpose is stripped away, people tend to struggle with rediscovering their self-worth.

Culture Shock

In the civilian sector, there is much less structure than in the military. When individual choice is suddenly restored, redefining ones personal identity is not easy. Something as simple as picking out an outfit for the day becomes a journey of self-discovery. Many veterans feel alienated because most civilians can't easily relate to the military experience.



Often times, veteran benefits are unclear and difficult to navigate by one's self. Many veterans don't use all of their benefits because they don't want to deal with the hassle. Benefit information is not easily accessible to veteran's loved ones.


There is no lack of resources available to support the veteran community, but they are scattered and difficult to navigate. Many veteran resources go un-noticed due to lack of advertising.

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